Medical Marijuana – Your Questions Answered

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To date, 23 US States have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The debate on whether this should be allowed or not is one that will rage on for many years to come with opinion firmly divided. Some say that, as a Class A drug it should not be allowed while others are […]

Millview’s key flaws – non-fluent nurses, nurse technicians administering medication, and doctor’s neglecting to treat patients promptly

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Mill View Nursing Center had room for 300 patients. It was, by DPH definition, a skilled nursing facility: basically, a long-term home in which some patients require daily care from registered nurses. The second floor, where Donna Sonnenberg lived, reportedly housed patients who needed such care. Most of Mill View’s nurses and nurses’ aides were […]

The Complaint Committee Evaluates the case against Mill View Nursing Home

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On April 20, 1981, when the department received DPH’s April 16 letter asking for an investigation of Marvin Aren, DRE had already assigned investigator Janet Walsh (now Janet Peters). The department had been reviewing the case before DPH wrote. Two weeks earlier, on March 30, Mrs. Sonnenberg had called DRE to lodge a complaint against […]

How the Complaint Committee Investigates a Case

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The Complaint Committee consists of the medical coordinator, the chief of medical investigations, and two board members; it meets at least twice a month. Examining each complaint, the committee decides if the case involves possible violations of the Medical Practice Act, then recommends that the case be either opened or not opened. When opening a […]

The Medical Investigation on the Nursing Home that killed Donna Sonnenber

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The Department of Public Health (DPH) investigated the actions of the nursing home as a whole; that is where its jurisdiction lies. Another department has jurisdiction over the professionals who work in nursing homes: the Department of Registration and Education (DRE). DRE licenses a wide array of professionals in the state, including doctors, nurses, and […]

DRE Investigation: Determining the nature of the nursing home violation and the amount to be fined.

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Litwiller wrote that Donna Sonnenberg’s care at Mill View was unfortunately not too unusual, in this case pointing to Aren’s absence from the home until the bedsore had gotten very bad: “While this is not an acceptable standard of care, it is typical of physician involvement in most nursing homes.” He concludes his memo: It […]

Neglectful healthcare causes death in nursing home – two sides of a DRE investigation

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A month later, after Donna had died, Mrs. Sonnenberg called Alan Litwiller, asking what DPH had learned. This was the first Litwiller had heard of the matter. He asked Helen Byrd where her report was; she said there had been no investigation but would not explain why. When Litwiller assigned a doctor-nurse team – Bernard […]

A DRE Investigation – Infected Bedsore causes weightloss, fever and eventual death in Illinois Nursing Home

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In January 1981, Donna grew sick. Her bedsore became infected, as it had many times at Dixon, but this time the infection got out of control. On January 16, early in the evening, an admitting clerk from Louis Weiss Memorial Hospital called Donna’s parents, Donald and Marylyn, to ask for Donna’s social security number, saying […]

Accountability in health care: two sides of a DRE investigation

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This archive was such a good read I decided to publish it here.   Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND Donna Sonnenberg was a 31-year-old paraplegic nursing home patient. While she was at Mill View Nursing Center in January 1981, her chronic bedsore became infected. Though her doctor ordered standard care for an ordinary infected bedsore, […]